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Droplet Tagging: Organize Your Infrastructure

At DigitalOcean, we are on a mission to make managing production applications simple. Today, we are officially announcing the addition of Droplet tags to make it even easier to work with large-scale production applications. Last fall, we quietly launched tagging and management of resources via our public API. Since then,…

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Block Storage: More Space to Scale

At DigitalOcean, our vision has always been to build a platform that allows developers to run their infrastructure at scale without getting in their way. To date, the top feature request from our community has been to have the ability to add additional disk space to their Droplets. Today, we…

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Teams: Work Better Together

At DigitalOcean we know that it takes teamwork to build and ship great things to the world. Our own products wouldn't exist without passionate, hard-working teams collaborating to create easy-to-use experiences for developers. A year ago we launched Teams on DigitalOcean to "better support teams of developers and companies working…

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