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Transfer your Images Globally to All Regions

When we launched in early 2012, we started with two datacenter regions: NY and Amsterdam. Later, when we released a datacenter in San Francisco, we realized that we were going to run into issues with customers spinning up droplets in different regions from snapshots that were originally taken in a…

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Introducing Two-Factor Authentication

DigitalOcean has just released Two-Factor Authentication! Here's how two-factor authentication works: After you enter your email and password with two-factor authentication enabled, we will also require that you supply an additional one-time use token that is updated every 30 seconds automatically. We recommend using Google Authenticator, which is available for…

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Linux Kernel Management Part 1

It's been a long time coming, but we are excited to announce the first phase of our Linux Kernel Management, which can now be found under the new settings icon on the droplet's page. Currently, we are pre-compiling all of the kernels and not yet supporting the import of kernels…

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