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Announcing NYC3 With IPv6 Support

NYC3 is live! To keep up with the high demand for capacity on the East Coast, we've opened a new datacenter location in New York: NYC3. This will be the first US location with IPv6 support, which can be enabled during Droplet creation or added to existing Droplets. Private networking…

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Integrate Your Apps With Our API Using OAuth

OAuth 2 is now available for applications harnessing the DigitalOcean API, giving developers an easy way to integrate their applications with user accounts. Users can quickly authorize third-party applications with read or read & write access to their DigitalOcean account without exposing personal credentials. Prior to OAuth support, applications that used…

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Easily Transfer Snapshots Between Accounts

Important Note: As of January 2018, a newer version of this tutorial has been published on our Community site called "Transferring a DigitalOcean Snapshot to a Different User or Team". Please refer to the linked tutorial for the most up-to-date instructions on transferring DigitalOcean snapshots. Under the images tab in…

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