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Introducing Our New European Region: Frankfurt! (FRA1)

We're opening the new German region for business! Our new FRA1 facility, located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, gives us an unparalleled opportunity to serve the growing German startup community and developers around the world. We announced the new German region five months ago and after a month of build…

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Presenting FreeBSD! How We Made It Happen.

We're happy to announce that FreeBSD is now available for use on DigitalOcean! FreeBSD will be the first non-Linux distribution available for use on our platform. It's been widely requested because of its reputation of being a stable and performant OS. While similar to other open source unix-like operating systems,…

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We're Participating In The RIPE Atlas Program!

We're proud to announce our participation in the RIPE Atlas project – the world's largest Internet measurement network! The idea behind our participation is pretty simple: we host a few servers dedicated to running measurement tests administered by the Atlas network; in return, we get access to every other Atlas server…

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