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Introducing Our New Canadian Datacenter: TOR1

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our first Canadian datacenter in beautiful Toronto! It's hard to deny that the Canadian startup ecosystem has been booming. There are nearly half a million software developers throughout Canada, and we at DigitalOcean have always felt lots of love from the Canadian…

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Team Accounts: Share Resources Not Passwords

As more and more applications get deployed on DigitalOcean's cloud, we've seen that many accounts have multiple developers using the same credentials. Anyone who has ever shared an account login with someone knows how frustrating it can be. We are proud to announce that Team Accounts are here! We're particularly…

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DigitalOcean's 2014 Transparency Report

Today we publish DigitalOcean's first ever Transparency Report. You can take a look here. The Transparency Report allows us to inform our users of the exact number of government data requests we receive, and the laws used to justify those requests. As of today less than 0.05% of our…

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