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Taming Your Go Dependencies

Internally at DigitalOcean, we had an issue brewing in our Go code bases. Separate projects were developed in separate Git repositories, and in order to minimize the fallout from upgraded dependencies, we mirrored all dependencies locally in individual Git repositories. These projects relied on various versions of packages, and the…

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What's Your Libscore?

The contributors to Libscore, including our own Creative Director Jesse Chase, wanted to offer this post as a thank you for all the support the project has received. Julian Shapiro launched Libscore last month hoping that the developer community would find the tool useful, and continues to be grateful for…

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Presenting FreeBSD! How We Made It Happen.

We're happy to announce that FreeBSD is now available for use on DigitalOcean! FreeBSD will be the first non-Linux distribution available for use on our platform. It's been widely requested because of its reputation of being a stable and performant OS. While similar to other open source unix-like operating systems,…

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