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Mentoring Engineers Through An Engineering Fellowship Program

For two years, I’ve managed the Infrastructure Engineering (“Infra”) team at DigitalOcean. We’re responsible for managing all servers and machines up to the application layer. This includes hardware spec, firmware, component validation, base OS, configuration management, and hardware management (hardware management database). In addition to my core responsibilities…

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How to Conduct Effective Code Reviews

A code review, at its core, is a conversation about a set of proposed changes. Early in my career, I viewed code reviews as a mostly technical exercise that should be devoid of non-technical concerns. I now see them as one of the few opportunities to concurrently learn and teach…

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AI in Practice

This is the final installment in a three-part series on artificial intelligence by DigitalOcean’s Head of R&D, Alejandro (Alex) Jaimes. Read the first post about the state of AI, and the second installment about how data and models feed computing. So what does AI as a service…

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