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Closing the Kubernetes Skills Gap with Developer-First Learning

How do you begin learning Kubernetes? This is an important question for any organization building, hosting, or managing applications today. For DigitalOcean, which released its managed Kubernetes product in 2018, it's essential. The demand for developers with experience building and deploying containerized apps and services continues to grow rapidly. According…

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Memory-Optimized Droplets are Now Generally Available

This past September we introduced Memory-Optimized Droplets, which feature a generous 8GB of RAM for each dedicated vCPU. Memory-Optimized Droplets are best for memory-intensive applications, like high-performance SQL or NoSQL databases, large in-memory caches and indexes, real-time big data processing, and applications with large JVM requirements. Memory-Optimized Droplets are production…

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How we launched our Marketplace using DigitalOcean Kubernetes – Part 1

The mission of the DigitalOcean Marketplace team is to provide a platform to distill operational knowledge into sharable and repeatable software through community collaboration. We work together with DigitalOcean users and vendors to identify solutions, whether they’re single or multiple pieces of software, and encode best practices into single-click…

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