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Meet the DigitalOcean Brand Design Team

As a company, we’ve always cared about contributing to developer culture in an authentic way, and one of the ways we do that is by adding moments of visual delight to everything we do, whether it's a Community tutorial, an interaction in the control panel, or a T-shirt at…

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How to Turn Great Employees into Great Interviewers

As a follow up to our last post on candidate experience, this post will explore how we’re impacting employees and candidates with our approach to optimizing the interview experience. Good Interviewers Aren’t Born; They’re Made In early September, we launched the DigitalOcean Sailor Certification Program, which consisted…

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Tales from DigitalOcean’s Inaugural Intern Program

This past June, DigitalOcean welcomed its first-ever group of summer interns (who we endearingly called “minnows”). For 10 weeks, our interns worked in teams across the organization—from data to cloud engineering to marketing—based out of both our New York City HQ and Cambridge, MA office. (If you’re…

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