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Helping Remote Developers Avoid Burnout

This is a guest post from Debbie Chew of Arc. Ever feel like the code you write is never good enough? Or that you’re constantly tired from working, but your workload doesn’t seem to ever decrease? You’re not alone! Being a developer can be exhausting. To help…

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Creating a Parent-Inclusive Workplace

This is a guest post from Laurel Kiskanyan, Senior Recruiter here at DigitalOcean. This Mother’s Day I’m also celebrating my daughter’s first birthday. Whereas this time last year I was struggling to keep a tiny human (and myself for that matter) alive, this year I’ve had…

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Mentoring Engineers Through An Engineering Fellowship Program

For two years, I’ve managed the Infrastructure Engineering (“Infra”) team at DigitalOcean. We’re responsible for managing all servers and machines up to the application layer. This includes hardware spec, firmware, component validation, base OS, configuration management, and hardware management (hardware management database). In addition to my core responsibilities…

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