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Here's A Round-Up of 2018 Community Tutorials

2018 has been an exciting year for us on the DigitalOcean Community team as we surpassed over 2,000 tutorials in our repository in September! We continue to work with community authors to publish tutorials that serve developers. In February of this year we launched our Write for DOnations program,…

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A Review of Hacktoberfest Year 5!

Five years ago the community team at DigitalOcean wanted to create a program to inspire open source contributions. That first year, in 2014, the first Hacktoberfest participants were asked for 50 commits, and those who completed the challenge received a reward of swag. 676 people signed up and 505 forged…

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Documentation as an Open Source Practice

As part of Hacktoberfest season, now is a good time to consider the ways in which we can make open source repositories welcoming spaces for developers and end users alike. A great way to facilitate contributions and grow a user base is through providing documentation and encouraging enhancements to your…

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