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Hacktoberfest is Back for Year 5

DigitalOcean started Hacktoberfest with a simple mission in mind: to give back to the open source community that had given us and many other companies so much. We combined our customers’ love of our swag with a challenge: contribute meaningfully to projects and earn a limited edition t-shirt. Five years…

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May Community Doers: Open Source Contributors

Since DigitalOcean came to be, the founders believed that the developer community is far greater than the sum of its parts. Six years later we continue to learn and grow thanks to the tireless work of our global community. Instrumental to increasing collaboration and ease-of-use, the Projects section of the…

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April Community Doers: Meetup Edition

On the six-year voyage toward becoming the cloud platform for developers and their teams, we have received tremendous support from the larger developer community. We’ve seen hundreds of Meetups organized, pull requests submitted, tutorials written, and Q&As contributed, with even more ongoing activity. To show our appreciation,…

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