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DigitalOcean Sponsors The Flatiron School

When we spoke with Avi Flombaum, Dean of the Flatiron School and organizer of one of the largest Rails meetups in the world, we immediately recognized that we shared the same passion and vision that continues to drive DigitalOcean. That passion and vision is educating individuals on how to build…

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Get Paid to Write Tutorials

The Official Get Paid to Write Page Calling all technical writers! We are offering $50 per tutorial written. These tutorials will be featured in the community section of our website and we will credit the author who produced the content. There is no limit to the amount of articles that…

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AudioBox: Why We Moved to DigitalOcean

For us, developers and system administrators, the 'Cloud' offers many possibilities in the form of different key services. Nowadays if you need a component for your platform, be it critical (database, hosting) or a commodity one (external queues, free Heroku dynos), there is a cloud service that provides it, and…

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