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Try Ghost. A Simple Blogging Platform. For Free!

With Halloween right around the corner, it is fitting that we formally announce our 1-click install Ghost application feature that will create a Ghost blog in 55 seconds! The wonderful team at Ghost were generous enough to create and share the application image for all DigitalOcean customers. We are so…

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The DigitalOcean Video Channel

What the HTML is that?! DigitalOcean is starting up a Youtube channel where we want to feature user-made community videos. As we have grown, our community of developers has done an amazing job in creating helpful tutorials and screencasts to walk others through tricky linux setups on Youtube. We now…

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DigitalOcean Releases New Customer Referral Program

[Editor's note: This post does not reflect the current state of our referal program. Check out all the details in this more recent post.] We are excited to announce our customer referral program! Our referral program rewards customers that suggest DigitalOcean to their friends and colleagues. We will issue $10…

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