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Closing the Kubernetes Skills Gap with Developer-First Learning

How do you begin learning Kubernetes? This is an important question for any organization building, hosting, or managing applications today. For DigitalOcean, which released its managed Kubernetes product in 2018, it's essential. The demand for developers with experience building and deploying containerized apps and services continues to grow rapidly. According…

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Hacktoberfest Is Back for Year Six!

It’s that time of year again when we come together to support and celebrate the open source technologies we use and love. For the sixth straight year, Hacktoberfest will bring together people representing more than 150 countries, both online and in person. And while the mission stays the same,…

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Helping Remote Developers Avoid Burnout

This is a guest post from Debbie Chew of Arc. Ever feel like the code you write is never good enough? Or that you’re constantly tired from working, but your workload doesn’t seem to ever decrease? You’re not alone! Being a developer can be exhausting. To help…

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