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A Message about Intel’s L1TF Security Vulnerability

UPDATE (9/17/2018): Over the past several weeks, we’ve been deploying initial mitigations across our platform. These efforts address key concerns posed by the L1TF vulnerability, and future related issues that may arise. Today, we’re pleased to share that we’ve finished this first phase of mitigations.…

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A Message About Intel’s Latest Security Findings

In response to Intel’s statement today regarding new vulnerabilities, we wanted to share all the information we have to date with our customers and community. Current information does not suggest that this latest vulnerability, Variant 4, would allow Droplets to gain access to the host hypervisor, or access to…

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A Message About Intel Security Findings

Update Tuesday, April 17th, 2018: Today we’re excited to share that we have completed the reboot process in our NYC2 datacenter, wrapping up our Spectre and Meltdown mitigation efforts. Rebooting activity across our fleet of 12 datacenters is now complete! If you experience any issues with a Droplet that…

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