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Getting Ready for PHP 7

2015 has been an important year for PHP. Eleven years after its 5.0 release, a new major version is finally coming our way! PHP 7 is scheduled for release before the end of the year, bringing many new language features and an impressive performance boost. But how will this…

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Presenting FreeBSD! How We Made It Happen.

We're happy to announce that FreeBSD is now available for use on DigitalOcean! FreeBSD will be the first non-Linux distribution available for use on our platform. It's been widely requested because of its reputation of being a stable and performant OS. While similar to other open source unix-like operating systems,…

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Thank You To PHP's Top Package Authors!

PHP remains the most popular server-side programming language powering the world wide web and in use by 82% of websites. Metrics focused on server-side languages show that PHP usage has increased by 1% in the past year alone. Much of the growth in the last few years was driven by…

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