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Snapshot and Backup Roadmap

1. Offsite Snapshots and Backups Storage on Amazon Glacier We've already begun the initial framework for storing all snapshots and backups on Amazon Glacier to ensure that there is a copy of each snapshot and backup that is stored on another provider. This provides an added layer of redundancy that…

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Deploy RoR in the Cloud in 5 Minutes and 55 Seconds

Today, we're extremely excited to announce our partnership and integration with Cloud 66. With the full integration and support of DigitalOcean by Cloud 66, you can deploy, manage and configure your Rails apps to DigitalOcean easier than before. This means single click scaling, load balancing, scheduled backups, server monitoring, proactive…

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Bandwidth Pricing Introduced

UPDATE! Starting June 1, 2018, we made improvements to bandwidth billing including more flexible transfer limits, reduced data transfer prices (now $.01/GB), and automated bandwidth billing to meet the growing needs of our users. You can read about the 2018 update here. We're so grateful for all of our…

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