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AudioBox: Why We Moved to DigitalOcean

For us, developers and system administrators, the 'Cloud' offers many possibilities in the form of different key services. Nowadays if you need a component for your platform, be it critical (database, hosting) or a commodity one (external queues, free Heroku dynos), there is a cloud service that provides it, and…

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Resolved: LVM Data Issue

We received a call today from Robert McMillan from Wired regarding an issue related to virtual servers that may contain data from a previous user. We were aware of this case and were securely erasing data prior to our new SSD plans. As of today, Tuesday, April 2nd at 2:…

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Snapshot and Backup Roadmap

1. Offsite Snapshots and Backups Storage on Amazon Glacier We've already begun the initial framework for storing all snapshots and backups on Amazon Glacier to ensure that there is a copy of each snapshot and backup that is stored on another provider. This provides an added layer of redundancy that…

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