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Announcing DigitalOcean Graphs!

We are now offering users an inside view of their droplets by displaying the CPU usage, Disk I/O, and network transfer of each server within the control panel. This was one of the most up-voted features on our uservoice page, with over 1,200 votes, and we are happy…

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Droplets in NYC's Google Building

We are happy to announce the opening of our newest datacenter in New York City. The Telx data center facility located at 111 8th Avenue (NY2) is not only the third largest building in New York City, but is also New York's Google building. "Googleplex East" is among the world's…

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Avoid Duplicate SSH Host Keys

The ssh daemon uses host keys to uniquely identify itself to connecting clients.  The host keys are typically stored in /etc/ssh. Security best practices dictate that these host keys be unique for each operating system instance.  DigitalOcean typically removes host keys when creating a new Droplet from a snapshot…

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