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NY1 (Equinix) Power Issue Postmortem

Initial Power Issue Last night at approximately 8:43PM EST we received notification from our various monitoring systems that a large number of servers were down in our NY1 region. We immediately began to troubleshoot the situation and confirmed that network connectivity was unavailable. We immediately began to access equipment…

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NY2 Network Upgrade Postmortem

Planned Network Upgrade On Monday night, October 21st, we performed a network maintenance to replace our existing core routing infrastructure with new hardware from Juniper. We were replacing the edge routers which bring in connectivity from our providers at the datacenter, as well as the routing cores that sit behind…

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Try Ghost. A Simple Blogging Platform. For Free!

With Halloween right around the corner, it is fitting that we formally announce our 1-click install Ghost application feature that will create a Ghost blog in 55 seconds! The wonderful team at Ghost were generous enough to create and share the application image for all DigitalOcean customers. We are so…

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