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ChefConf 2014: The Key Ingredient Is DevOps

We'll be sponsoring this year's ChefConf in San Francisco, CA and look forward to participating in the Chef community and meeting engineers. The conference will be filled with keynotes from leaders in DevOps, technical workshops, and other goodies – you can check the event schedule here. Over at DigitalOcean, we currently…

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Update: Heartbleed Vulnerability

Update: As of Friday, April 11th at 8pm EST, DigitalOcean completed its audit of distribution images and 1-click applications . All images have been updated or patched to protect against the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability. As many of you are now aware, yesterday the CVE-2014-0160 vulnerability, better known as the "Heartbleed bug"…

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NYTM: Jeff Lindsay Demos DigitalOcean

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to demo DigitalOcean for a room full of techies and immerse ourselves in the burgeoning community of our hometown. NY Tech Meetup is a 35,000+ member non-profit organization that supports the growing NY technology community. The goal of NYTM is to "help…

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