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Extending Cloud Beyond the Cloud

This is a guest post from Kevin Walsh, advisory board member at Vitalpointz. There was a time, not too long ago, when phrases like “private cloud” or “on prem” were forbidden within the offices of cloud providers. The mindset was clearly that everything – and they meant every single thing – ran…

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Creating a Parent-Inclusive Workplace

This is a guest post from Laurel Kiskanyan, Senior Recruiter here at DigitalOcean. This Mother’s Day I’m also celebrating my daughter’s first birthday. Whereas this time last year I was struggling to keep a tiny human (and myself for that matter) alive, this year I’ve had…

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An Update for Our Community

With a heavy heart, we're sharing the news that Mark Templeton has made the difficult decision to step back from his role as Chief Executive Officer due to a personal health issue. During the transition, Mark will continue as CEO to help identify the right successor and work closely with…

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